Frequently Asked Questions

What does a regular day look like during the program?

Every day is a working day. There are no holidays. Every day that you are NOT working on your startup is a day lost. 2-3x a week there will be mandatory events for all the teams. These range from our mandatory roundtable dinner sessions, workshops, prototype days, and so on. You can utilize our co-working space or feel free to work wherever you feel most comfortable. All we ask is that you show up to our mandatory events.
Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Lair East Labs different?

Cross-border Acceleration
Our extensive international connections make us a bridge between the US and Asia, giving founders access to large and rapidly developing markets.

Long Term Partnership
We are devoted partners looking to build fruitful and supportive relationships with founders beyond the accelerator program period.

Tailored Approach
We tailor our investors, mentors, and guidance specifically for every portfolio company. What matters most to us is that we help you create a positive and valuable societal impact.
Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you invest in each company and what are some of the benefits of the program?‚Äč

  • $50,000 USD for each portfolio company
  • Legal assistance for company formation and IP protection
  • Incubator space available in New York for each team
  • Weekly speaker series and talks on launching, managing, and growing early-stage startups
  • Office hours with Lair East Labs management team and mentor network
  • Workshops by our partners
  • $350K+ of free hosting credits for major cloud providers, developer tools, product development platforms, and office space.