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About Us

About Us

Lair East Labs is a startup accelerator based in New York that empowers founders to expand internationally.

Our Mission

Founders face a relentless uphill battle. That’s why we at Lair East Labs are dedicated to supporting founders, wherever they are in the world.

Lair East Labs is a springboard: we propel founders along their growth trajectory by leveraging acceleration, investment and an international community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

We believe that without founders there is no innovation. And without innovation, we won’t be able to meet the challenges of tomorrow. We support founders in building successful and sustainable ventures that solve global problems.

We are founders accelerating founders.

Our Mission Our Mission Our Mission

What Is Special About Us?

Cross-border <br />Acceleration
Our extensive international connections make us a bridge between the US and Asia, giving founders access to large and rapidly developing markets.
Long-term<br /> Partnership
We are devoted partners looking to build fruitful and supportive relationships with founders beyond the accelerator program period.
Tailored<br />Approach
We tailor our investors, mentors and guidance specifically for every portfolio company. What matters most to us is that we help you create a positive and valuable societal impact.

We are founders accelerating founders

What Do We Value?

Everyone deserves equal opportunity to achieve success. We foster an environment of inclusivity that prioritizes ideas over origins and brings together people from around the world.
Innovation is the engine that drives change. We look for founders who see the world’s imperfections as an opportunity to innovate and transform industries.
Financial returns are no longer enough. We support founders who actively pursue positive change to create a cleaner, fairer and more sustainable future.
Global Perspective
Global Perspective
The world is more connected than ever. We back founders with a global vision and then leverage our international network and resources to pave the road to success.

What are we looking for

We are looking for early-stage companies with visionary founders who have innovative business ideas with global market potential.
Our programs can accelerate your company.
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What are we looking for